Wednesday, 26 August 2009

CUEK - Barfe

Trebuie sa fie foarte urat sa stai pe internet cel putin 5min pe zi si sa nu fi citit CUEK. Oricum Zeke(care se pare ca e enzo in viata reala) s a despartit de "Purple"(adica Jade, tot in rl). Pe blogu' ei nu l am mai studiat pentru ca scrisu ala nou e deranjant, da' din cate vad la el, e vina ei si doar a ei.
Partea cea mai buna e ca am aflat de relatia lor cand s a terminat si eram obisnuita cu ideea ca eu aflu tot cu cel putin 2ore inainte de ceilalti. Trist. In "serial" purple nu parea chiar asa de insensibila.
Razbunare subtila:

Posted by Enzo in Rants
This was supposed to be the original strip for today, but it had too many words, was more spiteful than your regular CUEK fare, and didn’t serve to advance the story arc at all. So I’ve included it here.

Source: Direct quote from a Post on [Purple]’s Blog denouncing rebound relationships.

Source: Quote from actual conversation

Source: Direct quote from a Post on [Purple]’s Blog denouncing irrational reaction.

Source: Direct quote from a Personal Profile.

You can’t make this shit up, folks. Sometimes the comedy just writes itself.

For the sake of continuity, I’m going to wrap up this story arc as soon as possible and kill off Purple. She never really made enough of an impact on Zeke to deserve anything more. It would have been unfair to any readers interested in their story if I had just ended it because of real-life differences, so I’m going to continue it until I figure out how exactly she is going to be removed from the strip.

Once that has been dealt with, we need to establish a new colored-bow-girl for our tragic protagonist. Poll time!"

Ar fi destul de tare daca mai multi tipi ar avea atata imaginatie, sau cel putin timp liber.

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