Sunday, 28 June 2009

Stati sa vedeti cultura muzicala

MuzicamFinger Eleven album cover

De aproximativ 8zile ma gandesc serios sa invat rusa, sa zicem ca e o limba cautata si merita. Da' mi am dat seama ca nici macar engleza nu inteleg ca lumea... ma refer exclusiv la melodi, mai exact rock, unde oricum nu se intelege mare lucru din versuri (da, e o scuza).
Singuru vers profund pe care nu l am inteles gresit e I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all (Three days Grace - Pain), mie chiar imi place, este foarte tru' sau poate doar frumos de profund. Alte versuri interesante ar fi:
"I try to live without you, Everytime I do I feel good I know what's best for me but I want you instead"
[(Three days Grace - Over and Over) defapt ei spun "dead" nu "good" da' imaginatia mi a jucat feste] Eu cred ca varianta mea suna mai bine, vorbeste modestia din mine. Adica are mai multa logica, cand te simti mort nu te simti mai bine decat cand esti ranit in dragoste, ca in melodia asta, cand nu te mai gandesti la cineva, lipsa ei este mai apasatoare. Inca o melodie ascultabila din punct de vedere a versurilor ar fi Finger Eleven - Therapy, care defapt merita sa te uiti pe versurile complete.

"Wide awakened out of spinning
Round the safest orbit

You controlled the ordinary
I was grateful for it

Wide awake in the beginning
Trembling after the fall

Only half my world remembers
While the other half revolves

Cut off cause I can�t remember
A face that could cut me deeper

But hearts could never leave me bleeding
Becoming the cause and burden

The lesson begins unlearning
And it has never been forgiving my dear

It�s all too familiar
I�ve been here before
I�ll carry this weight for your smallest reward
Because I�ll continue to break down the door
Just let me in I swear
It will not be like before

Can�t think of what to say
I can�t think of what to do
I just think I might be losing my mind
Can�t stop this agony

Cancel my therapy cause
I just thought of you
and now I feel fine

Collecting the strangest conscience
Apathy returns it�s offense
But only after I get moving
Relax and being the change
In time for the newest age
To help me find out what I�m missing in here

I covered all the ground till I uncovered our design
And every second I have spent has come to remind me in time
Singuru lucru putin nasol la melodia asta e ca arata dependenta, intr un fel, poate chiar foarte clar. Oricum la inceput m am indragostit de ea din pura ignoranta.

PS: nu am comentat nimic de 4LYN, SecondHand Serenade si alte trupe mai necunoscute pentru ca am primit instructiuni ca ii stric reputatia lu' varmiu daca afla cineva ce ascult eu...

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